Lion is a full service high-pressure aluminum die casting supplier

Lion aluminum casting services have been helping engineers, in-house design and manufacturing services, and customized procedures for orders of every size. We manufacture custom aluminum castings, primarily with 380 and 360 alloys used as specified.

We’re an ISO 9001 & TS16949 certified aluminum die casting manufacturer that specializes in aluminum die casting services for the world’s leading industries and companies.

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Automatic Production for Aluminum Die Casting

Over 12 sets of cold chamber die casting machines range up to 1250 Tons of maximum locking force

Material test report is necessary from material supplier for each batch and QC department do spot checking to guarantee the material quality.

we have the automatic and semi-automatic production lines with over 12 sets of cold chamber die casting machines range up to 1250 Tons of maximum locking force.

The waste material after trimming is not allowed to recycle for die casting to ensure the Chemical Element keep good consistency in whole production.

We have whole sets of advanced CNC machine center, CNC turning and inspection equipment to sure the final quality apply customer’s drawing. 3sets of double working table CNC machine center is on service to help improving machining efficiency.

We can do different surface treatment according to different request including Powder coating, anodized, electroplating(KTL) and so on.

We offer safe export packaging, bubble pack for each product, carton and wood pallet for shipment.

Our aluminum die casting facility consist of

1Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machine - 1250T1L.K.GROUPDie Casting
2Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machine - 800T2L.K.GROUPDie Casting
3Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machine - 500T2L.K.GROUPDie Casting
4Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machine - 400T2L.K.GROUPDie Casting
5Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machine - 280T4L.K.GROUPDie Casting
6Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machine - 160T1L.K.GROUPDie Casting

Our aluminum die casting project

What Are the Benefits of Aluminum
Die Casting Services?

  • Corrosion Resistance

    Aluminum castings are extremely versatile and offer excellent resistance against corrosion.

  • High temperatures

    Aluminum can also withstand the highest operating temperatures of all the die cast alloys.

  • Very good hardness

    Maximum hardness and strength.Extended die life without the need for constant maintenance.

  • Customization

    It retains high dimensional stability with thin walls and can be used in almost any industry.

  • Lightweight strength

    Aluminum castings offer the highly valued combination of light weight and superior strength.

  • Low Cost

    Aluminum die cast parts are typically less expensive than other metal alloys.

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